The New ANC6B?

UPDATE 29 Jan: The meeting referred to below was a 4-hour marathon.  While it did soften the 6 vs 4 split in the Commission, I am not sure about other accomplishments.  Time will tell.  Lots of talk about changing processes and setting priorities.  The former will be interesting experiments; the latter will be overtaken by events throughout 2011.  In my view, the Hine Redevelopment Project will be–by necessity–the main focus of ANC6B in 2011.  It alone once completed will have major impacts on all of us living on Capitol Hill.  The challenge for the ANC, working closely with the community it represents, is to assure the impacts are primarily positive.

Original Post: ANC6B is changing.  Most of the debate about how has been “behind the scenes” so far.  But, it will break into the open on Tuesday, January 25, at the ANC’s Executive Committee Meeting.   Generally, this rather dull meeting has simply set the agenda for the following month’s set of meetings.  But, with 3 hours added to the schedule of the January meeting, I am not sure what to expect.

These 3 hours were initially proposed by Commissioners now in control of ANC6B as a separate, closed meeting; a so-called “retreat.”  Those of us considered the “old guard” that had been accused during the election in 2010 of holding secret ANC meetings, pushed for an open meeting as required by our By Laws.  Surprisingly, we won the argument.

So, come and see the formation of the New ANC6B for yourself.  Or, stay home/stay warm and just read my report on the debates at and outcomes of the meeting next week.  I, for one, am more curious about substantive issues that may be proposed rather than procedural changes.

Clarification: Commissioner Frishberg wishes me to note that he never was in favor of a closed meeting.  My apologies.

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