Residential Parking Changes in 6B04

This is an update to my January 10 posting “Residential Parking Near Barracks Row” and the subsequent January 16 update.  (See January 2011 Archives)

Based on the comments Commissioner Metzger and I received from residents on our January 2011 document “Draft Proposal on Changes to Residential Parking in Blocks near Barracks Row” and subsequent discussions with DDOT, the agency has agreed to extend the operational boundaries of the Performance Parking Pilot (PPP) within 6B04, and below Pennsylvania Ave, up to 11th Street SE and south to include I Street SE.

Several years ago DDOT added 9th Street SE below Pennsylvania Ave and the 800 blocks of E and G Streets SE to the Performance Parking Pilot area created when the Nationals Stadium opened.  Thus, these blocks were posted with Zone 6 Only parking signs on one side of the street and new Residential Parking Permit (RPP) signs on the other side.

The Zone 6 Only side (red signs) restricts curbside parking to cars with Zone 6 stickers, Monday through Saturday, 7am to 930pm.  The other side of each block has “extended” RPP signs that restrict non-Zone 6 cars to 2 hours, Monday through Saturday, 7am to 930pm.  Because of the two-hour grace period, non-Zone 6 cars can park on those sides of the street starting at 730pm.  [Note that regular RPP signs are in effect Monday through Friday from 7am to 830pm.]

With this extension of the PPP boundaries, plans are to install Zone 6 Only signs to the following:

900 and 1000 blocks of E Street SE, south side of the street
900 and 1000 blocks of G Street SE, north side of the street
900 block of I Street SE, north side of the street
1000 block of I Street SE, south side of the street
500 and 700 blocks of 10th Street SE, west side of the street

The new RPP signs will replace existing RPP signs on the alternate side of these blocks.  (And, there may be an option to lengthen the hours of these signs.) As a result of this extension of PPP, all residences on the newly included blocks will receive an annual Visitor Parking Pass.

The 700 block of 9th Street SE is not included in the above because similar changes there are planned in conjunction with security-related changes to curbside parking along the south side of the 800 block of G Street SE (i.e., in front of the Commandant’s House).

Since DDOT is not requiring block-by-block petitions before these changes are made, I would like to get feedback ASAP from those affected.  The feedback I received based on the draft discussion document was positive with one exception.  In addition, there were some who were ambivalent as they did not feel these changes would have much impact on the residential parking congestion in the area. If necessary, I am more than willing to set up a petition process so that blocks can opt in or out of these changes.

Commissioners Metzger, Garrison, and I have also been working with DDOT, Barracks Row Main Street, and CHAMPS on improving the use of the public parking lot under the freeway at 8th & I Streets SE.  Those details, along with the above, will be announced at the March 8 ANC6B Meeting, along with preliminary discussions with DDOT on possible further extension of the PPP boundaries.

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