Next Up for Hine Redevelopment?

The first phase of historic preservation review of redevelopment plans for the Hine site on Capitol Hill concluded on August 4, 2011, with the third Historic Preservation Review Board hearing.  The Historic Preservation Office and HPRB have put together a summary of the design issues that remain to be addressed.  These Hine Outstanding Issues will probably be  dealt with once the zoning review phase is concluded.

The city, ANC6B, community, and developers of the project (Stanton-Eastbanc) will move into the Planned Unit Development (PUD) phase of the review sometime this Fall.  This is where all the zoning issues are settled by the Zoning Commission.  The PUD process is a bit complex.  I suggest you visit the blog of Commissioner Norman Metzger and read his PUD 101 tutorial to better understand the how’s and why’s of a PUD.  Bottom line?  The developers will be asking for some type of “zoning relief” and to obtain it will be expected to provide commensurate “benefits” to the community.

[Update 12 Oct: Last night ANC6B voted 5-3 to establish a special subcommittee on Hine Redevelopment to lead the Commission’s work on gathering community input and developing its position on the PUD.  Commissioner Ivan Frishberg, who proposed the initiative, was elected Chair of the subcommittee and now has the authority to select a Vice-chair.  The ANC6B Chair Neil Glick and the Chair and Vice-chair of the subcommittee will propose a slate of resident members for the subcommittee to be voted on by the full Commission at its meeting in November.  I offered an amendment to change that clause to enable all 6B Commissioners to nominate resident members but it failed on a tie vote.  For the resolution’s full text, see Resolution on Hine PUD Subcommittee Oct2011]

By the way, you can find the 3 ANC6B historic preservation resolutions on Hine on the 6B website in the Library section.  I voted against the first two because I felt they were biased toward the narrow views of a very small segment of the community.  I and two other Commissioners testified at the 2nd HPRB hearing and got into a lot of over hyped trouble because of it from our fellow Commissioners.  I voted in favor of the 3rd resolution because the majority on the Commission agreed to substantial compromises.  Still, I would have testified at the 3rd hearing but, alas, I was out of town that day.

Still need even more info?  All of the HPRB documents regarding Hine are posted on their Agendas and Reports website.  Find and click on the hearing dates of April 28, June 30, and August 4.  There you will find the relevant Staff Report and the HPRB Actions document.

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