Kirsten Runs Again

I have been an ANC6B Commissioner for five years and am running for reelection.  If you happen to live within my single member district (see map of 6B04 below), I am asking for your vote during early voting and on election day. So much has changed in our neighborhood in the past 2 years and with more to come, I am seeking to continue to represent you on the  6B Advisory Neighborhood Commission for the next two years.

I have worked hard to maintain what makes our neighborhood great while embracing all of the exciting changes that have come about. Whether it’s ensuring that we can park on our streets, have responsive businesses that provide valuable services to our community, or reaching a compromise on the development at Hine, I have fought hard to ensure my constituents and our community benefit.  It is also one of greatest rewards to help my fellow neighbors navigate the often complex zoning and other DC government processes that impact our lives.

Early voting starts on October 22nd but there is no voting “satellite” on Capitol Hill in 2012 as there was at Hine in 2010.  To vote early, check out the possible locations on the Board of Elections website.  On Election Day–November 6th–everyone votes at their local precinct.  Most residents of 6B04 will vote at Watkins Elementary School (Precinct 91), Tyler Elementary School (Precinct 90), or Van Ness Elementary School (Precinct 131).  A few, who reside in the most northern blocks of 6B04, will vote at Thankful Baptist Church (Precinct 88).

During October I will be walking throughout the 6B04 neighborhood to talk individually with as many residents as I can.  I look forward to hearing about any issues or concerns you have or ideas about what I should focus on in the next two years.

Meanwhile, my campaign literature Re-Elect Kirsten 2012 has more information on how I approach this important public office and why I am running again.  As this map shows, my single member district borders have changed because of redistricting based on the 2010 Census.

(For orientation, the diagonal line in the middle of the map running east/west is Pennsylvania Avenue SE.)

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