Friends of VA Park

The “Friends of Virginia Avenue Park” became a reality in November 2018.

It’s origins began 3 years ago when a group of community stakeholders first met to create a park for all users out of the existing and little used Virginia Avenue Park.  Part of the story is in my 2017 article A New Design for Virginia Avenue Park.

Friends of Virginia Avenue Park (FVAP) was established to provide community oversight of and support for the Park, including the Community Garden and Dog Park.  IRS has granted FVAP non-profit status, enabling the organization to solicit tax exempt funds for future Park needs not covered by DPR.

By Laws of Friends of VA Park (November 2018)

To join or get more information on FVAP, send an email to  An individual membership is $5/year plus a one time $5 initiation fee.  Non profit groups can join for $10/year and for-profit organizations, $25/year.

The next FVAP meeting is June 24 at 7pm.  See the agenda for details.
Agenda for June 24, 2019 Meeting
DPR Update On Park 6/24/19

Summary of 1-23-19 VAP Meeting
Estimated Space Needed for Proposed Playground

December 2018 Update
CSX has almost completed its renovations, including the installation of a dog park.  At the meeting on November 29, 2018, we learned that the Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) will be using $200K in Capital Project funds, raised in FY18 and FY19, to complete the rest of the renovations.  Funds donated by CSX through the Arbor Day Foundation, will enable Casey Trees to do some ground preparations and add needed trees to the Park.

Report of the 11-29-18 FVAP Meeting