ANC6B & PSA Info

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B
A 2021 meetings schedule for ANC6B is below .  The monthly meeting is usually on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Committee meetings are generally held the week before.

ANC6B Meetings Calendar

PSA Meetings
On January 1, 2019, MPD realigned the District and PSA boundaries.  With this realignment, most of PSA 107 and about half of PSA 106 are within the boundaries of ANC6B.

MPD ID PSA map as of 1 Jan 2019

For information on PSA meetings in 2021 and issues, contact Captain Darren Haskis (PSA 106) or Captain Tatjania Savoy (PSA 107 or 108).

Filing a Police Report During Coronavirus

Crime Reports within ANC6B
ANC6B Crime Reports Jan-Dec 2021

My Previous Monthly Crime Reports
NOTE:  The data I used to create previous monthly reports since 2008 is no longer being made available by MPD.  So, August 2020 is the last one to be produced.  To compile your own data, try MPD’s new Crime Cards

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