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According to Mark Batterson, lead pastor of the National Community Church, the organization is purchasing The People’s Church building at 535 8th Street SE.  The sale is now under contract and expected to finalize in June 2011. Batterson says, “we are thinking about turning it back [to] a functioning theater of some sort that celebrates it’s history [as the Meader Theatre].  We have more questions than answers but we really know this has potential to serve Barracks Row and the entire Capitol Hill community.”

The National Community Church <> has recently purchased the “Miles Glass site” at Virginia Ave and 8th Street SE and adjoining lots on that Square 906.  Concept plans for building(s) on these parcels may be made public in late Spring.

I do feel a bit vindicated, having taken a few bruises for pushing so hard on the original plans the ANC reviewed in February for this new building at 8th & L Streets SE.  At the March 24th Historic Preservation Review Board hearing a much revised concept plan for the building was approved.  As I said in my blog on 10 Feb: “In my view, the building begged for more simplicity to let its industrial style shine.” It now conforms to that view, thanks to the Board and its staff.  Gone are the multitude of varying materials and the two story rain screen planned for the 8th Street facade.  Also gone is the “deconstructed tower” above the corner entrance.

You can compare the old and new design at <>. Also on this JD Land site you can view the lots now owned by the National Community Church on Square 906.

Starting April 1, Groovy DC’s hiatus ends with a temporary move to the second floor at Monkey’s Uncle at 321 7th Street SE.  The card, stationary, gift bags & wrapping paper, party supplies, balloons, journals, candles and other gift items store will be at this location until its new location in the 700 block of 8th Street SE is ready.  Store hours are 11am to 6pm (Tue, Wed, Fri); 11am to 7pm (Thu); 10am to 6pm (Sat); and 11am to 5pm (Sun).  Closed on Mondays.

Marking the beginning of the end of the work in front of the Commandant’s House, the scaffolding is coming down from around the building starting Monday March 28; this work will continue until April 7th.   A large flatbed truck will be parked on the south side of the 800 block of G Street SE during this period.  (I will have more news about this project later this week.)

The City Paper has picked John Stokes, DPR’s Chief of Staff, as the best civil servant in the District. The article describes Mr. Stokes as a person “…who gets things done and he’s so everywhere sometimes it seems like there’s more than one John Stokes.” <>. In my personal opinion, Mr. Stokes has been a critical element in helping to resolve tensions created by DPR when the planned renovations of the Watkins fields were suddenly sprung upon the community last fall.  The City Paper has also noted the success of the DC Pop Warner Football League since DPR took over its administration.  The Watkins Hornets team has won national championships in the past two years.

ADVANCE NOTICE: Dates of Some April Meetings
Tue 5 Apr: ANC6B Planning & Zoning Meeting
Tue 5 Apr: CHRS Meeting with Hine Redevelopment Presentation
Thu 7 Apr: ANC6B ABC Committee Meeting
Thu 7 Apr: PSA 106 Meeting
Tue 12 Apr: ANC6B Monthly Meeting
Tue 26 Apr: ANC6B Special Call Meeting on Hine Redevelopment
Thu 28 Apr: Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting (Hine Redevelopment project)

I also am trying to schedule an organizational meeting of the new ANC6B Transportation Committee.  Date not yet selected, however.  The ANC’s Executive Committee meets on Tue 29 Mar and sets the agendas for all of its April meetings at that time.  Thus, I will have those details to share mid-week.

In the meantime, I do know that the organizer of the Frager’s Hardware April 16th “Annual Spring Convention” will be appearing before the Planning & Zoning Committee to discuss plans for a parade of school kids and bands, which will  proceed the convention.  As for details, all I know so far is that it is to begin at Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street SE (in front of Frager’s) and the units will march along the west bound lanes of the Avenue to 7th Street, where the parade will turn right and march along 7th Street to Eastern Market.  The west side of PA Avenue will be closed to traffic for about 20 minutes.  The crossing streets (8th-11th Streets SE) will be closed only while the units pass (i.e., not during the entire time of the parade).  The convention will be held in the North Hall of Eastern Market from 10am to 3pm.

It is pot hole filling season in DC.  If you know of a pot hole in the street or an alley, you can report it in various ways.  Call 311, go to <>, tweet to <> or send an email to <>.  I used the latter route last year and got amazingly fast response.  However, I noticed that the hole patch did not last the year and it is once again in need of filling.  Perhaps that is the fate of this type of repair.  Still, better than nothing … and I know how long it takes (a long time) to get a repaving accomplished.

Lots of happenings at The Corner Store (9th & South Carolina), now through April.  One of my favorites Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen perform on Fri 8 Apr, 8pm.  Donation $20. Rest of lineup with details at <>; click on Events.

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