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For many years I have been sending out information about meetings, events, and information on what’s happening on SE Capitol Hill and surrounding neighborhoods.  This Beat26 Newsletter started out in the mid-1990’s as a way to keep neighbors informed about crime activity long before such information was readily available.

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter, just send an email to  Issues are sent out on an irregular basis, when I have something to share and time to put it all together.

Bulletins 2021
Solar for All Presentation 3-9-21
Ward 6 DDOT ANC 2021 Presentation March
FEMS Fire Safety Tips Flyer

Pepco Waterfront Half Loop – ANC 6B Update 11.10.20
Pepco Waterfront Half Loop
Hill East Phase 2 – ANC6B 30-day Surplus Notice (Final) 07-30-20
FAQs About Slow Streets
Metro recovery update 6-11-2020
EMMP Meeting 04-22-2020

Bulletins 2019
Final Resolution on Resident Only in 6B04
ABRA #112072 Notice to Cure 5-13-19
Notice on Restaurant Renewals Spring 2019
ABRA Settlement Agreements Approved at ANC6B 12/11/18 Meeting: Taco City DC, Emilie’s , District Soul Food Restaurant & Lounge

DDOT Capital Bikeshare at 11th & C SE Nov 2018



6 Replies to “Beat26 Bulletin Board”

    1. Hi Chris! Yes, D Street would be reversed. But, that change is also in the master plan for the Eastern Market Plaza. Is this a problem for you?

  1. Re: the E Mkt Turnaround plan, what changes are included for controlling traffic at the pedestrian crossing at 8th and D – Starbucks/Dunkin Doughnuts. I cross there several times a day and it’s a lawless intersection for pedestrians. Cross at your own peril, for sure.

    1. Hi Kristen … I checked the concept drawing and there is nothing indicated other than zebra crossings. I will keep this in mind. We probably need something more to alert both pedestrians and drivers for a while after the change is made.

  2. I worry how much traffic will get backed up on 8th street driving north when cars struggle to make that left turn onto D Street. It is easy to get on now from 7th but if you are coming north you are going to have to wait for a long time to make that left with all the incoming traffic we get on 8th and those making the right onto 8th from Pennsylvania.

    1. Adrienne
      Thanks for your comments. You make a good point. The ANC opposed the bus route change primarily on its impact on pedestrian safety. DDOT needs to think this idea through more.

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