The Return of Fragers Hardware Plus …

Perseus Realty, the owner of the Fragers Hardware site at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th Street SE, unveiled its conceptual design for the site to a overflowing room of residents, business owners, organizations, and the curious at the Hill Center on February 25, 2016.  (Below is a link to the presentation.)

View from Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th Street SE
View from Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th Street SE

The plans include the renovation of the 2-story storefront masonry walls that remain after the June 2013 fire with two floors added atop, a 3-story infill and a 4-story infill.  The resulting complex will return Fragers Hardware and its Garden Center to its original location, add more retail, and provide 30-40 condo units with underground parking for 35 vehicles.

Capitol Hill residents in attendance seemed to generally support the exterior design but voiced inevitable concerns about the increased density of both people and vehicles (seeking curbside parking spaces) that the project will bring to the immediate neighborhood.

View Along Pennsylvania Avenue SE
View Along Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Fragers 11th St
View Along 11th Street SE

A few Technical Details: The site is split zoned C-2-A and R-4 (in the far rear) and is in the Capitol Hill Historic District.  Zoning allows a maximum height of 50 feet; Perseus says their design will be slightly under that maximum.  Total space allotted to retail is about 13,000 square feet with 8,500 square feet for Fragers Hardware (ground floor and basement) in the new 4-story infill building at the east end of the site.  The Garden Center will occupy the R-4 zoned area.

Next Steps with estimated dates:

  • Historic Preservation review of the conceptual design: probably April 2016.
  • Stabilization of the masonry walls and clean up of the site: Fall 2016
  • Zoning review, if necessary: Fall 2016
  • Construction start: First Quarter 2017 (Duration: 18 months)

Perseus’ Community Presentation February 25, 2016

Fragers Before Fire
Fragers Before the Fire
Fragers After Fire
Fragers After the Fire